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1.2   Why is it called "Docutils"?

Docutils is short for "Python Documentation Utilities". The name "Docutils" was inspired by "Distutils", the Python Distribution Utilities architected by Greg Ward, a component of Python's standard library.

The earliest known use of the term "docutils" in a Python context was a fleeting reference in a message by Fred Drake on 1999-12-02 in the Python Doc-SIG mailing list. It was suggested as a project name on 2000-11-27 on Doc-SIG, again by Fred Drake, in response to a question from Tony "Tibs" Ibbs: "What do we want to call this thing?". This was shortly after David Goodger first announced reStructuredText on Doc-SIG.

Tibs used the name "Docutils" for his effort "to document what the Python docutils package should support, with a particular emphasis on documentation strings". Tibs joined the current project (and its predecessors) and graciously donated the name.

For more history of reStructuredText and the Docutils project, see An Introduction to reStructuredText.

Please note that the name is "Docutils", not "DocUtils" or "Doc-Utils" or any other variation.

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