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Readers:Standalone, PEP

Use to generate .html from all the .txt files (including PEPs) in each <directory> given, and their subdirectories too. (Use the --local option to skip subdirectories.)

Usage: [options] [<directory> ...]

After unpacking the Docutils package, the following shell commands will generate HTML for all included documentation:

cd docutils/tools ..

For official releases, the directory may be called "docutils-X.Y", where "X.Y" is the release version. Alternatively:

cd docutils
tools/ --config=tools/docutils.conf

The current directory (and all subdirectories) is chosen by default if no directory is named. Some files may generate system messages (tools/test.txt contains intentional errors); use the --quiet option to suppress all warnings. The --config option ensures that the correct stylesheets, templates, and settings are in place (a docutils.conf configuration file in the current directory is picked up automatically). Command-line options may be used to override config file settings or replace them altogether.

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